Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise joined the Crane Group portfolio in 2016. The comprehensive pet care and boarding provider had shown its resilience throughout the recession and was well situated in the fast-growing pet service industry. The acquisition helped to diversify Crane Group’s portfolio and set both companies up for a long-term partnership.

Crane Group came alongside Pet Paradise leadership as they pursued rapid growth through geographic expansion—from 26 to over 50 locations (and counting). Crane’s finance team offered guidance around capital structure and cash planning to fund that rapid growth. And Crane’s IT experts supported the implementation of resource planning and marketing and customer management software. Ongoing collaboration is consistently fueled by Crane Group’s management expertise, resulting in above-average investor returns while preserving both companies’ mutually held values.

“Crane Group has been a loyal and valued partner. Success isn’t only measured by financial returns but also how you positively impact team members, customers, and the overall community.” – Fernando Acosta-Rua, CEO, Pet Paradise

The results are in: 22.8% annual revenue growth