Sensit Technologies

Crane Group acquired Sensit Technologies, a manufacturer of gas leak detection instruments, in 2014. The family-owned company was poised for rapid growth in the expanding energy sector, and our team was uniquely positioned to shepherd that growth.

Our six-year partnership yielded big wins. Notably, Crane Group facilitated the recruitment of top talent, building out Sensit’s executive team. We also supported investments into new product development, a key to the company’s continued growth. The result of our collective efforts was a more structured, data-driven company that maintained its family values while heading toward a bright future. Ultimately, Sensit was sought out by a large global company that was eager to add Sensit’s technology and R&D capabilities to its large portfolio.

“Crane Group took us out of business adolescence and prepared us to win on the global stage. They provided the resources toward finding our ‘forever home’ through training, employee engagement, strategic planning, and capital.” – Scott Kleppe, President & CEO, Sensit Technologies

The results are in: 22.7% annual gross IRR