Crane Renovation Group

Crane Group acquired Able Roofing in 1996—a move that would later inspire the company to acquire and create a family of thriving home renovation companies called Crane Renovation Group. That family is now made up of Able Roofing, Mr. Roof, and Contractors Inc.

The ongoing journey of Crane Renovation Group is marked by forward-thinking business integration. Crane Group has guided the company to growth through several acquisitions and expansions into new service areas. Crane Group also provided better associate experiences to team members in all three companies, from making improvements to their 401(k) plans to offering coaching and development that assists in retaining top talent. What started as a $9 million roofing company has now become a $150+ million family of companies.

“We’ve built a professional, scalable business with support and advice from Crane Group over the long haul. From a single location to 17 and growing, they’ve had our back with investments in our business and our people. We’re now one of the top 10 roofing contractors in the U.S., with more exciting growth to come.” – Ryan Huyghe, President, Crane Renovation Group

The results are in: From 1 to 17 locations