Tech Support: 3 key benefits to enabling growth with tech

By Kevin Kuhlwein


Across all partnerships with our Crane Group portfolio companies, our IT team is focused on one very important thing: growth. 

More specifically, we’re focused on how to enable it. And we do this by gaining an understanding of all processes our companies perform—and then finding ways to utilize technology to make it scale. 

This, of course, has a whole host of benefits for any given company. But I think those benefits most clearly fall into the following three key categories.

 A Better Customer Experience 

 Crane Group’s IT team pays special attention to the processes that cause friction for customers and how we can better lead them through the customer experience.

Together with teams from our portfolio companies, we regularly examine all customer touch points, identifying ways to introduce or improve technology so they feel understood and cared for. 

At Crane Renovation Group, this means customers can upload photos of their homes to receive a project visualization in the form of 3D renderings. We also employ automated texts and emails to enhance our customer communication. They receive the most up-to-date information about their projects so the CRG team can focus on delivering industry-leading renovation services. 

At Pet Paradise, we developed our mobile application to enhance customer engagement and retention. From scheduling to payments, loyalty accounts, and the ability to see their pets, our app meets the customer where they are with improved accessibility and convenience.  

Scalable Processes 

When a business is poised for growth, we pay close attention to the existing apps, systems, and software that drive its operations, and we ensure they’re compatible and can be built upon. Will they grow with the company? If the company has multiple locations, are those systems consistent across regions? The IT team is dedicated to continuous improvement and adoption of new, scalable technologies. 

Enhanced Data Analytics

In the end, these various systems contribute to the information displayed on our dashboards and in our reporting. Often this involves merging data from different sources into our data warehouse. Our IT teams work with our businesses to pinpoint important analytics and KPIs to get a clearer picture of what’s happening in the business. We use a variety of tools to report and display these in the hopes of offering helpful information that will inform business decisions. 

Of course, technology is always evolving, creating new opportunities for growth. Our challenge is to support our businesses through these changes—and we welcome it.     

 Kevin’s leadership of Crane Group’s information technology team has ensured our business units continue progressing into the future. With Crane Group for more than 30 years, he oversees application support and infrastructure while partnering with leadership from each company to find new and meaningful ways to utilize technology.