Springboard Mentality: Our approach is different—and it’s how we help you win

By Dan Crane


How we create value for the businesses we invest in boils down to four words:

We are a springboard.

In other words, we want to see the companies we invest in fly—and we’ll put proven experience, strategic thinking and a world-class team of experts behind ensuring they do.

Five partnership principles guide us along the way:

  1. People: We know that to grow, companies need great people and a culture where talent can thrive. We help choose leadership, put the right incentives for them in place, and continually nurture them and their teams with our in-house leadership development program. We strive to be an employer of choice, and we want the companies we invest in to be the same.

  2. Process: Process is critical, because repeatable systems enable growth. Knowing that, we help identify and invest in good processes, from measuring key performance indicators to shoring up information security. And our home office team of professionals specializing in strategy, leadership, legal, finance, IT, and HR are dedicated to supporting those efforts.

  3. Forward Thinking: We challenge partners to stay ahead of the curve by continually investing in new technology, new products, and new ways to deliver services. For example, we recently helped Pet Paradise create an app that allows customers to easily make and manage reservations—and the ROI is already clear.

  4. Acquisition Strategy: Acquiring other businesses can be a strong growth strategy, and we know how to make acquisitions successful. From our strategists who envision potential to our legal and investment pros who can help put deals together, we excel at turning beneficial opportunities into reality. In one case, we used acquisitions to take one company from a single location in Ohio to 17 locations across 10 states.

  5. Clear Communication: Alignment on goals is crucial to success. So we align with our partners on their goals, and then we advise and support them to help reach those goals—remaining open and available to strategize throughout the journey. We don’t have a rigid playbook. Rather, we approach every partnership with open ears, curiosity, and energy.


Crane Group is, at its core, a team of entrepreneurs who have evolved our own business from a plastics manufacturer to an investment company. That spirit fuels us every day.

We are a springboard.

And we work to see our partners soar.

As Senior Vice President, Dan Crane provides support and counsel to our portfolio companies, leads our technology and human resources practices, and guides the overall strategic direction of Crane Group.