We are bold in our pursuit of furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

You’ll see it in everything we do. Our commitment to DEI stems from our long-held and deeply embedded values of respect, family, and community, and it’s a commitment that shows up in how we work, how we give, and who we hire.

Our DEI Commitment Statement

Building a Community
of Inclusion for All

At Crane Group, we believe that our long-term success is connected to that of our associates, partners, and communities. Our commitment to family extends to the many associates and partners who share our values and focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). To live our values of respect, family, and community, we are deeply committed to ensuring that DEI is a sustainable strategic business imperative for our company, and it involves awareness of, and empathy for, the inequities that still exist in our society. This will accelerate excellence and performance that can only be realized through a healthy collaboration of diverse ideas, experiences, and perspectives.

The diversity of our workforce, supplier base, business and investment partners, and community outreach is every associate’s responsibility. Members of our workforce should all have equal opportunity and be empowered to be their best selves in an environment that stimulates innovation and drives forward-thinking. This environment cultivates fresh perspectives and allows us to act as stewards to our community while improving the quality of life for all where we live and work. To do this, we must all model inclusive behaviors, show respect for one another, and promote dialogue that challenges us to go beyond the status quo.

As a respected business partner, it is our goal to create pathways for diverse representation, inclusion, and equity for our collective business family and our communities.

Tanny Crane
President & CEO

Our Five DEI Strategic Objectives


We attract, develop, and retain talent of all backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities and work hard to create a culture of inclusion through our policies and procedures.


We are making our investments more equitable by seeking out and providing capital to entrepreneurs of color and private equity firms led by people of color.


We focus our charitable giving and community involvement around advancing equity and providing opportunities to underserved populations.


We continue to build out a best-in-class supplier pool made up of diverse and minority-owned businesses.


We invite conversation and foster self-awareness regarding diversity and equity by offering opportunities for our associates to learn and develop.

2022 DEI Progress Update

The Journey

In 2020, Crane Group joined the groundswell of companies publicly committing to advancing DEI, both internally and in our community at large. In our first-ever DEI progress update, we offer a snapshot of where we are on our equity journey—both the strides we’ve made and the path ahead.

“If everyone is at the table, if everyone is part of the conversation, and if everyone has a good job, we are stronger, we are more creative, and we are more prosperous.”

— Tanny Crane, President & CEO