When Robert S. Crane started a modest plastics manufacturing company in 1947, few would have guessed it would go on to become the Crane Group of today. His entrepreneurial spirit continues to live today through four generations of Crane family members and our trusted associates.

How we got here:

1947: At the age of 58, Robert Crane forms his own plastics company, known as Taytec Corporation, and gave birth to what would later become Crane Plastics.
1950: Bob Jr. leaves his position with McKesson Robbins in Springfield, Ohio to join his father at Taytec.

1957: Taytec produces the word’s first vinyl siding die through a joint development project with Monsanto Chemical.

1958: Taytec begins selling the hula hoop, helping to finance the company’s third extruder. This turned a recession year for the plastic extrusion industry into a profitable one for Taytec.

1960: After more than a decade at Columbus Coated Fabrics, Jim joins the newly renamed Crane Plastics Inc.

1962: With Robert’s sons now on board as executives, Crane Plastics boasts more than 80 employees and sales topping $1.5M annually.

1966: Crane Plastics runs its first vinyl siding production line and begins providing private label product for customers.

1967: Crane Plastics founder Robert Sellers Crane passes away at the age of 78.

1973: Jay Crane joins Crane Plastics and begins working on the factory floor, marking the beginning of third generation family involvement in the business.

1977: Crane forms the Vinyl Improvement Products Company to sell siding under its own VIPCO brand.

1987-1989: Bob and Jim successfully recruit their children Tanny and Mike (respectively) to join the family business.

1987: Tanny’s husband, John Wolff, joins the company.

1992: Crane Group is presented with the opportunity to acquire Compression Polymers out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, which launched a long line of successful partnerships to come, including Suburban Steel, Signature Control Systems, BMS, and Evermark.

1992: Tanny’s brother-in-law, Tim Miller, joins the company; Bob Crane Jr. passes away after more than 40 years with the company, leaving a legacy long to be remembered at Crane Plastics.

1996: Tanny Crane is named President and CEO of Crane Plastics. Mike Crane is named Executive Vice President.

1996: Crane Plastics acquires a majority interest in the Able Roofing & Chimney Company, which is the cornerstone of current platform business Crane Renovation Group.

1997: Crane Plastics proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary.

1999: Crane forms its standalone composite decking company under the name TimberTech.


2000: Crane undergoes substantial company reorganization, shifting from a structure in which a single entity controls all of the company’s holdings to a structure in which the company is comprised of many autonomous business units.

2003: Crane acquires Materials International, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and consolidates Crane’s internal marine wall extrusion business into the newly acquired business, forming Crane Materials International (a current Crane Group platform business).

2003: Jim Crane retires, allowing Tanny to assume the role of President and CEO of Crane Group.

2006: Crane Group acquires Mr. Roof (now a part of Crane Renovation Group), a residential roofing company based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

2006: Crane acquires Contractors Inc. (now a part of Crane Renovation Group), a specialty building services company based out of Memphis, Tennessee providing maintenance and repair work to the multi-family housing, commercial, and hotel markets.

2007: Crane Group proudly celebrates its 60th anniversary.

2012: Dan Crane joins Crane Group and becomes the first member of the fourth generation of the Crane family to be involved in the business.

2013: Crane Group acquires current platform business Screen Machine Industries, an American manufacturer of portable mining and construction machinery, based out of Etna, Ohio.

2014: Brian Westwater joins Crane Group, becoming the second Crane family member from the fourth generation to join the company.

2014: Crane acquires current platform business Sensit Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of gas leak detection instruments based out of Valparaiso, Indiana serving the natural gas/utility market.

2016: Crane Group continues to grow by diversifying its partnerships and investments, led by the third generation of Crane family members and trusted associates.